Thursday 30th October 2008

I’m pleased to say that I’m home. October is nearly at an end and there can’t be many more ‘black days’ available for anyone to claim. My thoughts of a quiet day with my Mistress didn’t take into account the fact that it’s half term and I have to contend with a 13 year old and a 7 year old. After a week in kennels I really wasn’t ready for the competing calls to come, sit, lie down, go away or whatever it was they fancied. I have retreated to the quiet under my Mistress’s desk and left her to be the one to answer all their calls.

A person with vertigo is ill advised to try the fitness and balance test on the Nintendo Wii. My Mistress of course, would not be told that it wasn’t a good idea. Let’s face it, if you can’t watch the moving screen of someone skiing downhill without starting to feel sick, you aren’t likely to generate a good result. She put in her height and despite being told she was a little overweight she was still willing to kid herself by saying all would be well if she took her phone out of her pocket. I was told off for being cheeky when I asked her if she was carrying a lead phone. Then she did the balance test and thought she had done really well. All things considered it was quite sad to read the caption that said ‘you are the sort of person who trips up as you walk along the street.’ “Hey” I said, “how did they know that?” At which point I was banished from the room. I had to watch through the crack of the door to see the bit where it came back telling her that her ‘Wii fit age’ was nine years older than her real age and I’m guessing unlike a six year old being pleased that he has a fit age of ten, when you’re past forty being told your fitness is that of an older person is not such a good thing.