Wednesday 29th October 2008

Today is my last day in confinement, for a while. I might have the odd weekend or overnight stay, but nothing very substantial for a while. I did overhear my Mistress saying she would rather that she never went anywhere without me and I must admit that I rather liked the sound of that.

I do hope she’s brought me back a present. I’m looking forward to hearing about the trip to Switzerland. I hope my Mistress has taken lots of pictures of the dogs she met so that I can share in them. Perhaps we can curl up together on the settee for the day tomorrow, or better still in her bed and have a snuggle while she tells me all about the life of Entlebuchers back in the land of my ancestors. I suppose on the down side, it will be back to my training programme but that’s a small price to pay for having her back again and being in my own home.

I’m back on the theme of ‘black’ days and it seems that Tuesday was taken. This again was in 1929, when the US stock market dropped to its lowest level. I definitely stand by my suggestion that all financial institutions should close for the month of October. It’s just not right that they should be given any more opportunities to completely foul up the world economies just because it’s October. None of us like the dark nights, but is that any excuse to go losing everyone’s money?

As my Mistress was driving along the motorway the other day, there were some rolls of roof insulation in the middle of the carriageway. When she told me, I wanted it to be like the old joke about a hole in the middle of the road and ‘police are looking into it’ is the punch line, except it wasn’t’ a hole and I couldn’t think of a clever punch line for roof insulation.