Friday 24th October 2008

It’s hard being stuck here while my Mistress is off gallivanting. For the most part I can live without the thought of all the travelling and visits to cities, but today she isn’t in a city. Today she is in the country of my ancestors. Today she is talking to a lady about one of my future housemates. How can she have those discussions without me? I should be the one saying what vital statistics I would like her to have. I know it will be good that she is a healthy puppy with all her colours in the right places. I know that having a lovely temperament is important, but I do want her to be robust enough to play in my games. If she’s too petite I might accidentally pull her over or walk over her without realising. My Mistress did reassure me that if she was that small she wouldn’t be an Entlebucher but I reminded her how much smaller Bella was than I am. I wished I hadn’t reminded her to be honest, that was the point that my Mistress said “That reminds me, about your diet…,” I rather shot myself in the paw there.

There seem to be an awful lot of trains involved in getting from York to Switzerland. It’s funny that you can’t just get on a train in York and get off in Spiez without changing. In both London and Paris my Mistress had to change station rather than just train and all just to get me a playmate. She must think an awful lot of me.

Oh yes, not that I’m being shallow or anything, but I’d like her to have long legs, big brown eyes and a nice smile, although come to think of it all Entlebuchers I’ve met have those.