Thursday 23rd October 2008

Well I packed my little bag and reluctantly got in the car to be brought to my ‘hotel’ for the week. I don’t have en suite facilities. I brought my own bed and food and it’s difficult finding a power socket for my computer. Who’d be a dog and come to kennels when their Mistress goes away? You’d think she would have at least booked my Master in with me. I could have had him in a kennel one side and James the other. After all, we all depend on my Mistress to look after us. She’s the one who makes sure we are all in the right places at the right times. We all a little bit lost without her.

I can’t begrudge her a bit of a break though. We can try her patience. One of us, who will remain nameless, came back from Cadbury World with a whole box of Curly Wurlys. That same one has eaten them non-stop for the last couple of weeks and yes toffee can end up pulling your fillings out! Then it’s my Mistress who has to arrange the emergency trip to the dentist to get everything sorted out. It wouldn’t be so bad if she could eat toffee, but she can’t. Mind you, it seemed a bit tough when the nameless person blamed my Mistress for the problem for not having warned him that that could happen by eating toffee.

I was interested to note that Hector and Hugo have launched an escape committee. They have got as far as pushing the netting on the fence out of the way and digging a hole that is about half the size they need. I was sitting wondering how long it was going to take before Hector called for me. Unfortunately my Mistress has spoilt the fun by letting Hector’s owner know what he’s up to and there was me thinking I was going to have a playmate.