Saturday 25th October 2008

I’m trying to work out why I am in the kennels and not at home supervising my Master. I know he gets engrossed in what he’s doing and forgets to let me out, but I can remind him. Besides which, if I’m not there who’s going to keep an eye on him? He needs looking after. I hope my Mistress remembers to ring him at intervals to tell him where to find his food, I’d hate to go home to find he’d wasted away. I am however expecting to go home to find he has gone up several levels on the computer game he is addicted to!

In the meantime, my Mistress leaves Switzerland today and heads to the South of France. This is the end of me feeling jealous about her trip. I didn’t like the South of France and did say given the choice I’d rather not go back. It was just the city side of life I didn’t like, I didn’t mind the sunshine. Perhaps I ought to persuade her to go to somewhere in the hills rather than to the city. Today however, she gets another day on the trains, so it will be more about reading than about anything else. I do quite like the train but I refuse to travel under anyone’s seat. I want to have a nice view out of the window and not get grumbled at for sitting on the chairs. I don’t shed that much hair and I keep myself very clean, why should anyone begrudge me a comfy seat?

After talking about the black days of the week last Sunday, I found out there was a black Thursday on October 24 1929 and it was the start of ‘The Great Depression’. What is it with October? Does no one have anything better to do than get themselves into a financial crisis? Perhaps all financial markets should take their annual holidays in the month of October to avoid major catastrophes from occurring.