Wednesday 22nd October 2008

I’ve got a new extendable lead. The theory is that whilst my Mistress is a little concerned about how I am going to react around other dogs, I can have a good roam but still be controllable. Ha ha, the jokes on her. What it actually means is that I now have enough line to completely tie her in knots. I am a herding dog by nature. If you won’t give me a bunch of cows to play with then I will simply work with whatever is available and what was available was my Mistress. She is now very glad that she didn’t go for the longer one. That would have been enough for me to hold her hostage until she’d met every one of my demands. As it was, I settled for agreement to a couple of extra Frosties in a morning and never being thrown off the bed at night. I wonder if I can extract one or two more concessions today.

I have been looking along the bookshelf at children’s books. There are exciting ones with titles such as ‘White Boots’ and ‘The Power Rangers Annual’. (You may be surprised to know that these were not read by the same child!) Anyway, I found a whole series by Enid Blyton called the ‘Famous Five’. It was a particularly exciting discovery as the ‘Five’ include a dog, admittedly called Timmy, but a dog none the less. How brilliant to find someone giving an equal role to a dog. Sadly Timmy didn’t seem to have a staring role in the ‘Secret Seven’ series that were sitting next to them on the shelf, but I’m sure that was just an oversight. I’m going to ask my Mistress if we can start having them as bedtime stories so that I can hear all about Timmy’s adventures.