Tuesday 21st October 2008

Training wasn’t so bad. I met two new dogs, one of whom was a big male Labrador, which certainly added a bit of spice. The first dog I met was a girl retriever. She was tall, slim and really rather good looking. I have a thoroughly enjoyable sniff before getting down to a bit of heal work. I almost did as I was told some of the time. I’m still blowed if I’ll sit down on damp ground whatever anyone says to me, but the heal bit wasn’t too bad. I was a bit disappointed to find I wasn’t working for treats but my Mistress pointed out that I get quite enough of those at other times and she’s probably got a point. When the male Labrador came out, I was rather more on my guard and wanted to be able to see where he was at all times. Towards the end of the exercise I was a lot more settled and was trotting along quite happily. Now we’ve got to practice, which quite honestly sounds a bit boring, but needs must! I have asked if my next lesson can be in an afternoon, so that I don’t have to get up so early. I’m really not a morning dog and OK, so it was eleven o’ clock, but I don’t normally get up before lunch.

Apart from finding that today is the feast day of the patron saint of hermits, I was quite excited to find an animal entry at long last. It was twelve years ago today that Wallace and Gromit were reunited with their owner after being left in a taxi two days earlier. Just think how distressing those two days must have been for them, not knowing whether they would ever go home. The world can be a very scary place even for a lump of Plasticine.