Saturday 18th October 2008

I think I’ve got conjunctivitis. I’m certainly claiming illness to get sympathy, but I won’t know how much illness I can claim until I’ve been to the vet later this morning. I hope I don’t have to have eye drops. It’s a bit difficult putting them in my own eyes, I can’t get my paws round the bottle very easily and it’s always strange having someone else put things in your eyes.

I’m on a mission to be nice to my mistress. The book she was going to publish isn’t going according to plan. She has decided that she is not happy with the contract and that she can’t go ahead. She’s done all that work and now needs to start again to find a suitable publisher, it makes me glad it wasn’t a book of mine. I wonder when it comes to publishing mine if she’ll read the contract through for me as I don’t think I’d be very good at that sort of thing. I’m likely to just add my paw print and hope for the best. I know that’s not very sensible, but all that small print can get very confusing for a dog.

I suppose I should have started with my exciting piece of news. I’ve got my first private training session on Monday. Well, obviously my Mistress will be there, so it won’t be completely private. She says she is being trained too, which made it feel less as though anyone was pointing a finger at me. I can do it, when I want to. My mistress says that she can too. It’s just that both of us have a bit of an independent streak! I still think she’s rather more in need of training than I am, but I have a sneaky suspicion she may see it differently.