Sunday 19th October 2008

Who am I to argue? I admit I’m a coward, a whimp, a wuss call it what you like, but when I see someone coming towards me with a long needle I’m bound to try to hide under the table. As for the eye drops, it takes one person to wrestle me to the ground, although two would be more effective and then another to put the drops in my eyes. Yes of course I want to get better, but can’t they just give me a tablet wrapped in marzipan and have done with it? I did manage to get quite a few doggy treats out of the vet as she tried to keep me calm and she did say I was good looking, so under other circumstances I would have liked her, but hey will you not wave long sharp needles in front of me!

After my trip to the vet, I used it as an excuse for a bit of pampering and not too much energetic stuff. At the point my Mistress told me it was time to do a spot of training, I raised my paw to my brow and said “I think I need a bit of a sleep, the antibiotic injection has made me feeling tired.” Big softy that she is, she bought it.

I’ve just had a quick look at my book of events and it seems that it was this day 21 years ago that became known as Black Monday because so much was wiped off share values. That would be as opposed to the recent Black Tuesday, Black Wednesday, Black Thursday and Black Friday! By contrast I declare today as White Sunday as the stock markets are all closed and with any luck nothing financial can really be going wrong…., or can it?