Friday 17th October 2008

You may have noticed that my comments about Beagles were lambasted by Cuillin the Beagle. Well what can I say Cuillin, other than I was telling it as it was written. I’ve got nothing against Beagles, in fact I think your colours are lovely, if in the wrong places. I guess I do have to sympathise with the ‘knowing all the rules but choosing when to apply them’ approach to obedience, it has been the one I have adopted for a very long time, so I guess you’ve got me there. I may of course be a little envious of Snoopy, who has sold an awful lot more books than I have managed to yet.

I’m back at home again now, where I can cause trouble to my hearts content. I worried my Mistress when I tried jumping the garden fence to complete my argument with Hugo and Hector next door. She has explained in no uncertain terms that I am not to climb on the fence, so that’s told me.

I found it interesting to read that it was this day a long time ago that England sold Dunkirk to the French. It made me wonder about the current banking crisis and whether those countries that couldn’t find the money might like to sell a bit to someone else. Now you may wonder why a dog would care, but it started me thinking about whether it wasn’t the quickest way to get the Pet Dogs Democratic Party into power. All the dogs around the country could raid their piggy banks and club together to buy for example Iceland. We could then have a whole country run in a manner that is favourable to the dog community. We could even send our humans to obedience classes, Cuillin.