Thursday 16th October 2008

It’s twenty-one years since ‘the great storm’ and I keep looking out of the window to see whether we are expecting a repeat. I did find an interesting doggy fact for today. Marie Antoinette was executed on this day in 1793, but much more importantly she had a spaniel called Thisbe. There, don’t you feel better for knowing that.

Spaniels seem to have made quite an impression on the political world. I also found that Bob the spaniel once stood for the British Parliament on behalf of the Monster Raving Loony  Barking Mad Dog Party. I wonder whether I could get more votes than he did if I stood on behalf of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party. I could try it at the next election. Put myself up against Gordon Brown in his constituency and see which the people preferred. I suppose I would just get accused of it being a publicity stunt, but the world would reel, once it had stopped laughing, if the British Prime Minister lost his seat to a dog. It would certainly give me a good opportunity to get my serious political message on behalf of dogs over to the public. I wonder if I would be allowed to do my own party political broadcast on television.

It’s been quite nice having a couple of days away. It has meant I get to see more of Poppy the Labrador, which has been a pleasure. It also means I’ve had time to think about all the things I miss about home and will be ready to bounce with that little bit more enthusiasm all over my Mistress when she picks me up later. I don’t mind saying goodbye to Poppy too much as I’m coming back for a few days next week, while my Mistress goes to Switzerland. I’m just hoping she will at least bring me back some pictures of the Entlebuchers over there.