Friday 10th October 2008

Why is fog so dull? Why can’t it be bright and cheerful like sunshine? If it were like that then I wouldn’t mind it so much. I’m a bit worried as my Mistress says we get more fog here then we used to in Belgium and I can’t say that that’s a very inspiring thought. I wonder if there is any way to turn fog to my advantage.

The resulting scab from the friction burn I caused with the electrical cable stuck to my Mistress’s sock the other day. I’m a squeamish dog at the best of times and being told that the sudden flow of blood was all my fault came close to putting me off my food.

My Mistress made the mistake of agreeing to James having a friend to stay last night. She reasoned that if there were two of them then they would keep each other entertained. I reasoned it gave me two people to bounce on. I think I got the better end of the deal as it just meant twice as many people for my Mistress to look after. I on the other paw, made the most of the bouncing.

It’s amazing the odd things I’m learning from the book I mentioned. Did you know that today is the feast day of St Gereon? It would be appropriate to celebrate this by eating and drinking to excess and having a hangover as he’s the patron saint of headache sufferers. It must be a bit of a conversation killer at parties. “Hello, what do you do?” “I’m the patron saint of headache sufferers.” You would either find no one talking to him or a long queue forming to complain that he wasn’t doing a very good job. You’d at least have thought he’d be called something life Saint Asprin or Saint Paracetemol.