Thursday 9th October 2008

Well my Mistress has got excited by her ‘On This Day’ book today even if there are still no references to dogs. Apparently it is forty-one years since the death of Che Guevara. Don’t ask, it’s just one of those things she’s interested in. At one point in her life, obviously before she married my Master, she thought her perfect question for speed dating was “What do you know about Che Guevara?” My poor dear Mistress thought that someone’s answer to that question could tell her quite a lot about a person. You’ll be pleased to know that she never got round to trying speed dating and therefore never tested out the question. She has been known to ask people wearing tee-shirts with his picture on whether they know who it is. Me? I just pat her on the head and leave her to get on with it. In reality, as a fellow political leader I do find some of his approaches quite interesting, but they led to him being assassinated and I don’t fancy that bit.

To be honest giving her liking for home comforts and her dislike of being cold and wet, I don’t think my Mistress would have made much of a revolutionary. When the weather turns cold she has this urge to stock up on food and hibernate. In a former life my Mistress thinks she may have been a bear. Given my liking for inactivity, I’m not objecting as long as she’s prepared to share, I can quite go for the whole stocking up on food idea. It must be almost time for early elevenses; we had it at half past nine the other morning. Of course, we had another one at eleven, or that may have been lunch. It’s easy to lose track when you graze your way through the day.