Saturday 11th October 2008

I still can’t find an ‘on this day’ entry relevant to dogs. Why should I care about Kind John’s luggage getting lost or that the Beatles played their first concert? I’m thinking of making my own entries up. I thought something like ‘On this day in 1977 Curly the poodle who was ironically named because of his straight hair, had his first ‘perm’ so that he wouldn’t be teased so much.’ Ok, so it’s completely made up, but it’s at least as interesting to a dog as the fact that King Henry Vlll added the title ‘defender of the faith’. Let’s be honest, how can calling yourself head of the church so that you can justify your own divorce make you defender of anything other than the income of ‘matrimonial lawyers’?

No more shall I blame some nameless ‘litter lout’ for the McDonalds packets you see in the hedge rows. No more shall I say that people are damaging nature and wave my paw accusingly. There we were, driving along, when we saw a crow collect a whole bag of McDonalds food from a litter bin and fly off with it in the general direction of a hedge row. You do have to admire the crow for a number of things. Firstly I couldn’t believe it could carry something that must have been equal to its own body weight and still fly. Secondly, so much for the insult ‘bird brain’, it had clearly worked out that taking the whole bag was easier than carrying it one chip at a time, although it may just have been after a ‘happy toy’. Now what we really need is for crows to develop a concern for the environment and get them to take their empty wrappers back to the bin.