Wednesday 8th October 2008

I bought a new book last weekend, it’s called ‘On This Day’ and it tells you all the exciting things that happened on this day of the year, except they were in a different year. I can only conclude that from a dog’s point of view, October the eighth is not a particularly exciting day.  I wonder if anyone has thought to put together all the information we would want to read, things like ‘On this day in 19xx Lassie was born’ and ‘On this day in xxxx the first police dog was awarded a medal for bravery’, perhaps I should write to the book’s editors and suggest they make a few improvements. I suppose I could write it myself, but I’ve more than enough on at the moment with the whole ‘being trained’ thing. It’s becoming a full time nightmare.

Thinking about nightmares, I’ve been reading some alarming statistics. Apparently there are 7.7 million cats in the UK but only 6.6m dogs. I think that means at any one point in time it is my duty to be chasing at least 1.2 cats. How did we become outnumbered? I suppose cats can get away with surviving in the wild in a way that for a dog is called into question. We get rounded up as ‘strays’, they are complimented for their rodent catching capabilities. I could catch a mouse. Well I could if it moved slowly and stopped right in from of me. I know there are countries with whole colonies of street dogs and I can’t say it’s a life that I fancy, but I think there should be an element of fairness in all this. If they are going to round up stray dogs, they should round up the stray cats as well. Although of course rounding up cats is easier said than done, they can be tricky little things.