Thursday 25th September 2008

I have discovered the law relating to pillow cases. This states that in any given wash cycle, one or more pillow cases will disappear inside the duvet cover and won’t be found for several weeks. I noticed this as my Mistress searched high and low for a pillow case, which then today, a number of weeks after the search, neatly dropped out of the hole in the clean duvet cover. It must have been the one place she didn’t look. There’s a lesson in there somewhere, but I don’t think I’ll mention it to her.

Life’s too busy to write much at the moment. My grandparents are staying, which means I have an almost constant opportunity for having someone pull the other end of my rope, except when we’re all asleep. It’s a funny thin, they seem to spend almost as much time asleep as I do. Mind you, so would my Master if anyone would let him. Granny is very good at playing tug, although I was alarmed when no sooner had she said hello to me than she went outside to make friends with the sheep. It came across as the actions of a traitor, although I don’t suppose she really saw it that way.

I wonder if sheep think about the fact that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. It would be true for the ones in the field by us. They have nibbled their grass almost to extinction, while ours is still very green. To be fair ours isn’t all grass. It’s amazing how green moss and weeds can look. Maybe that’s the whole point of the saying, maybe when the grass is greener, it’s because it isn’t really grass at all but a poor substitute. It would be very sad if they went to the trouble of escaping from their field only to come round and make that discovery for themselves.