Friday 26th September 2008

I got all confused yesterday. My Mistress went to the other house by car. It’s only just up the road, so when she got into the car I didn’t realise that was where she was going. Grandpa then took me out on my lead with the intention of walking up there, but I didn’t understand that bit either. I just got outside and as soon as I saw my Mistress’s car disappear I just sat down and refused to go anywhere. In the end she had to walk back to meet us, before I would move. Well how was I supposed to know what was happening? How often does the family consult me in all the planning? She was taking a couple of deck chairs so that they’d got something to sit on and Grandpa thought it would be nicer to walk. He was probably right.

I have done some more investigations and there is going to have to be serious reinforcement of the fences at the new house if they are going to act as any deterrent to me going out on my own. I’ve found all sorts of gaps and opportunities to plan escape parties from. There is a bit behind the garage where I could get straight out between the trees. I don’t suppose there is any point in documenting my survey at this early stage. My Mistress is bound to have it all in hand.

I’m delighted to say that my Mistress is now in the final stages of writing her novel. She worries me at times. She sits there talking about the characters as though they are real. I think she may have lost the plot, although she actually thinks she’s found it. Every so often she gets all excited and tells me what one of them is going to say. I try to look interested but when will she get it into her head that I’m a dog.