Friday 5th September 2008

I am not a happy dog. I find the laptop quite difficult to use as there isn’t enough space on the keyboard for my paws. I find the desktop computer much easier. Unfortunately, my Mistress seems to have broken the desktop computer. She claims it wasn’t her fault; that is just fell apart in her hands, but I have my doubts.

It all began when she said, “Let me upgrade your security software for you.” She downloaded the new software and then once it had uninstalled the old stuff it wanted to restart. My Mistress said that was fine, I could pres the button to let it restart, but that’s when it all went wrong. To cut a long (and I mean very long) story short, it would not restart and would not revert to the point it would restart. The ‘nice’ people at the security software firm said it wasn’t their problem and we would need to reinstall Windows.

Now they say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Generally in life that makes my Mistress about as dangerous as someone can be. She was not going to go to a specialist for something she could do herself. Oh dear. Now if she had had a special disk that would magically fix everything it would not have been a problem and although she found some of those for a different machine, she couldn’t find the one for mine. There was still a possibility that she could make it work without losing all of my files.

By this stage you’ve probably guessed that it wasn’t that simple either and as I type this on my Mistress’s laptop, she is in the process of completely wiping the disk on my machine so that she can begin to rebuild it from scratch. She claims she has a back up of all my files, but quite honestly after the rest of the fiasco, I am beginning to doubt she knows what she is taking about and it isn’t leaving me feeling awfully well.