Saturday 6th September 2008

Well I’m still borrowing my Mistress’s computer, whilst mine sits idly grinning at me. It turns out that it has lost some of the programmes that make its internal bits work. I think it’s a bit like one of your kidneys packing up. It can still do some things but it can’t do any of the things you really want to do. I’m still optimistic that my Mistress may be able to repair it; she on the other paw is not quite so convinced.

I’ve rather taken to our new house. I have to say, houses with no furniture are quite an improvement from a dog’s point of view. Admittedly the odd settee would be useful, but I do find tables, chairs, bookcases and sideboards somewhat overrated. When there is no furniture you can run round like a mad thing and really enjoy a place. I am going to ask if something can be done about the stairs though. They are a bit steep for my liking and whilst slithering downstairs at Matilda’s house the other day just gave me the odd bruise as they were wooden, carpet tends to give me friction burns and I’m really not keen on those. My Mistress wants some changes made to the fence too, so that I can run about freely and not decide to pop out and find out what else is happening in the village. I’ve promised that I wouldn’t go too far and I’d look both ways before crossing the road, but my Mistress reminded me how easily I got distracted. All it takes is another dog, a cat, a rabbit or to be honest a leaf being blown by the wind and I’m off after it without a second thought. However I am in agreement on filling in the big gaps in the banister. I certainly don’t want to go down stairs all in one go!