Thursday 4th September 2008

There are only so many trips to the vet that any dog should have to suffer. I went to the one here last week and the one in Belgium last weekend. As far as I was concerned that was already two visits too many. Can you imagine my horror when yesterday my Mistress bundled me into the car and told me I was off to see the vet again. I don’t have a temperature, which quite frankly is a relief as I don’t much care for having a thermometer pushed up my rear end. I don’t have a sore throat. The vet in Belgium said I wasn’t overweight. To be fair I am a little on the solid side, but it’s pure muscle, really it is.

It turned out that I have filled all the stamps in my passport and wouldn’t be able to travel to and from Belgium unless I got a new one. I said I was happy to stay in Belgium as long as my Mistress stayed with me. She said it was almost worth it, but it was good to have the flexibility. I reached down and gave my bottom a good lick and said I already had quite enough flexibility. It didn’t help. I still went and had to sit patiently whilst all the information was copied across. My Mistress says she’s going to be worried the first time I have to travel, in case there is any confusion. If she’s not careful she’ll make me nervous too. I did feel a bit of a celebrity as the vet said I was the first dog that had needed a continuation. She has had to reissue passports that have been lost but never an extension. I walked a little taller after that. There is a space in the new one for my picture. I’m now trying to decide which one I should use. To be honest it’s hard to find one where I’m not smiling. I thought maybe one with a hat and dark glasses might be fun.