Wednesday 27th August 2008

After my needing a bit of a rest on my long walk on holiday my Mistress got it into her head that I might like a check up at the vet. I’ll never understand how her mind works. Anyway, I didn’t have a lot of choice but to go along with the plan. I tried saying if it was all the same to her I wouldn’t bother, but it turned out that it wasn’t all the same to her and I did have to bother. I was reasonably good. I cowered a bit, but I stood while she checked my gums and my pulse and then listened to my heart. She seemed to listen for quite a long time and then told me how good I looked and that my Mistress didn’t need to worry, I wasn’t any worse. On the one paw that is very good news, but on the other paw it does mean I can’t get out of exercise by claiming it’s not good for me. I think we are probably back to the fundamentally lazy theory.

My Mistress’s plans of increasing the number of dogs like me in this country are not going as well as she had hoped. The girl dog in Switzerland didn’t like the boy that she went to see and she isn’t pregnant. No little puppies to look forward to quite so soon there then. They are going to try again when she has her next heat, so I hope she finds a boy she likes next time. Girls can be very choosy. You don’t find many male dogs looking at the girl and turning round to their owners and saying ‘No she won’t do.’ On the whole from what I can gather, they are grateful for any girl that comes their way. On reflection, perhaps there’s a morally acceptable middle ground in there somewhere.