Tuesday 26th August 2008

There are times when you almost have to feel sorry for my Mistress. Tonight she will go to the book group she belongs to. As I mentioned a day or two ago, she is reading the book ready for them to talk about. Or at least she thought that’s what she was doing. She had a very strange conversation with a lady in the pub in which they were both discussing the book and my Mistress got the uncomfortable feeling that they were actually talking about different books. She came home and checked her list and sadly came to the conclusion that she is reading the book that was discussed at the meeting she missed and in fact hasn’t even bought the book that she should be discussing this evening. I wonder whether she will confess or not?

I don’t think I mentioned that they all went to a fancy dress party at the pub. I wasn’t invited so it was of no great relevance, except to say that I was very distressed to have my Mistress dress up in a large pink panther outfit. To be honest, I didn’t know what to do. I walked all round her and had a good sniff and then did the only other thing a dog can do in these circumstances and tried to bite her tail. It must have been an odd sight seeing the Pink Panther, Inspector Clouseau, Darth Vader and Superman walking through the village to the pub.

Hugo had a good bark at me when I came home. I think he has preferred my not being around. It would have been fine but it was me that got brought inside and told not to shout and I’d barely said a word. Life can be so unfair.