Monday 25th August 2008

Home sweet home, for all of a couple of days anyway. At least the next trip is to Belgium, which is just as exciting for me as it is for everyone else. I can’t believe I’m going to stay with Matilda the cat.

In the meantime everything has got a little bit busy all of a sudden with tomorrow being a very important day. From tomorrow we will once again own a house. I know that it’s not the best time to think of buying a house but what’s the point in having money if you can’t lose it on your investments?

I think my Mistress may disappear to our new house to see how the alterations are going rather more than is strictly necessary. If I were to be a gambling dog, I would put money on it that she will go when there is unlikely to be any workmen and will not tell anyone where she is. I know there is no plan to move anything into the house until the building work is finished but I am also prepared to bet she will manage to arrange a desk and chair and be seen taking me for a walk carrying her laptop.

After our week in the log cabin, in which incidentally she did achieve her writing target and rather more besides, her first plan is to have her own log cabin in the garden, with a desk and a chair and a settee for me. My major role in the plan will be as official spider and insect catcher, but it’s always good to have a purpose. What she needs to find out is how big a ‘shed’ she is allowed to put up without needing planning permission for it. I wonder if she’ll have a little deck with a sunken hot tub on it?