Sunday 24th August 2008

A small word of advice, never go on holiday with a crime writer. If you aren’t paranoid before you go, you certainly will be by the time you come back. I now feel the need to look behind me at regular intervals to see if there is anyone following me, lurking in the shadows, watching my every move.

It all started on the day we arrived, well the following morning to be precise. My Mistress had just been reading a crime novel by one of her favourite authors, in which the lead character is followed by the baddy. The car that the baddy was driving in the book is described in the book and my Mistress pictured the car in her mind as a red Nissan Micra. So what’s the first thing we see when we went out for a walk on the first morning? Parked outside the log cabin next to ours was a red Nissan Micra.

That would be enough to freak out the more sensitive souls, but what really finished my Mistress off was that she has brought with her one book that she has to read this week. It is the book that the book group she belongs to are going to read next week. It is ‘Precious Bane’ by Mary Webb. Now her copy was sitting on the table in the lounge of the log cabin. When we came back from our evening walk on the second evening, My Mistress noticed that the door to the sideboard was slightly open. Before she closed it she looked inside the sideboard and then in the drawers. In the drawer was one book and it was ‘Precious Bane’ by Mary Webb. At that point I said “Ok I’m out of here. I want to go home.” Unfortunately my Mistress said I had to stay to look after her. There’s a rule that says no dogs in the bedrooms, but she said if I promised to stay in my basket would I like to sleep in her room. I was quite happy to agree to any conditions as long as I didn’t have to sleep on my own!