Saturday 26th July 2008

Never mind a ‘baa baa here’ and a ‘moo moo there’, Old MacDonald currently seems to have a lot of tractors and combine harvesters on his farm and they all seem to want to trundle along the road in front of us. My Mistress is quite happy to sit patiently behind them, glad to know that the weather is holding up so that they can make a good start to the harvest. My Master is less patient and doesn’t seem to appreciate the countryside in quite the same way. To be fair I think he is getting a bit fed up of the power cuts several times a day and I can see his point. My Mistress simply shrugs and sees it as an occupational hazard, thoughts that in this day an age a steady power supply ought to be something you take for granted don’t bother her as much. Perhaps it is all part and parcel of her dislike of the city life and is just another thing on the list of things that make her appreciate how far removed from that our current life is. She is not completely ready to turn her back on the twenty-first century, heaven forbid that she should have to do without the internet for any length of time.

My life jacket has arrived. I had a bit of a disagreement with my Mistress as it says that I should be a size smaller than the one she has ordered. She says she measured me and this is the one for my measurements. It seemed to fit ok when she put it on me but I do wonder whether I would be better with the smaller size. She told me not to fuss, which all things considered I thought was a bit rich coming from someone as paranoid about my safety as she is.