Sunday 27th July 2008

I am feeling more than a little bit distracted at the moment. There is so much going on with regards to my future companions. Somewhere in Switzerland the girl dog who is going to be the mother of one of my companions will, at some point in the last couple of days, have been off to meet the boy dog who is going to be the dad. It will be another four weeks before I get news that there meeting has been successful but I’m already chewing the claws on my back paws. I would chew the ones on my front paws, but I have reserved those for my Mum who is about to give birth to some half brothers and sisters. I wish I knew exactly what date they are due as there is only so long I can pace up and down, anxiously waiting for news.

On a more encouraging note, the pacing is helping to reduce the little bit of extra ‘muscle’ I seem to have developed. Shockingly my Mistress seems to think that this might have been due to a certain amount of inactivity on my part. I pride myself on having developed the perfect relaxation skills. I suppose I ought to make the most of lying around doing nothing, by the time two little girl Entlebuchers move in and want to be entertained, I don’t suppose I shall have quite so many opportunities for a nap. I wonder whether we’ll all be able to pile into the same basket or whether we’ll all have our own.

On the flab front, I’m wondering whether that will endear me to the judge this afternoon or whether it is likely to go against me. I might have the shiniest coat of any dog I know, I might stand beautifully and have a perfectly wet nose, but I might also have a little extra round the shoulders!