Sunday 29th June 2008

I have given up on any expectation of being rescued. To be honest it seems a bit pointless at this stage. I think I’m being allowed out on parole tomorrow. If I made a run for it now then I would be in more trouble than if I finish serving my sentence. Instead I have now turned my mind to putting together an escape plan with a view to either selling it to the other dogs before I go, or keeping it to hand for the next time I’m sent here. It isn’t very far to go home from here, so if I could get my own house key cut, I’d be able to pop back home to curl up somewhere comfortable. If I could just get the hang of getting in and out of here without being noticed, I could always come back for meal times to save myself the bother of cooking.

Do dogs ever stammer? I was just wondering if it was just a human thing or whether there are dogs who find it difficult to get their woofs out. I suppose there are a whole range of human conditions that you have to wonder if dogs can have. Are dogs ever dyslexic? Can you say with any certainty that they aren’t. It just makes you think that there are not enough resources put into making sure a dog is able to get as much out of his life as you would like him to. There are pet psychologists and to be quite honest living with my Mistress it’s a wonder I haven’t been referred to one by the vet. Do we have to look forward to conditions such as Alzheimer’s or on a more basic level gout? It makes you start to think if we don’t get those things, is it just because we die so very young or is it for some other genetic reason that humans can learn from.