Monday 30th June 2008

Shadow as a puppy

I can safely say that I have had enough of being a prisoner with nothing else but my own thoughts to keep me company. Whilst developing my skills as one of the world’s great philosophers has been an interesting exercise I would rather have been napping on my Mistress’s bed given the choice. Today I am due to be sent out on parole, released back into the community to nap in more comfortable locations. I’m rather hoping that my Mistress will pick me up in time for me to go to dog training tonight but I don’t want to raise my hopes only to have them dashed later.

The week ahead should be quite an indulgent one. As far as I know it is just me and my Mistress for the whole week. She has promised not to get up too early in the morning and to let me have my Master’s side of the bed. Actually she said I have to sleep on my Master’s side, whereas I normally put a bid in for sleeping pretty much on top of her on her side of the bed. I always think it’s better to be cosy at night. With it just being the two of us, there is no reason that my walk can’t take in the pub on the way home. At least I get spoilt and fussed while my Mistress talks to her friends, even if I do have to sit outside.

The thing I’ve missed about home most, apart from the bed and duvet, is the extra snacks throughout the day. At the end of the day dog food is pretty much the same whichever way you look at it. Where is the variety of colour, smell and texture in perfectly formed meaty lumps of dog food?