Monday 9th June 2008

My aunt Megan

There is a clue in the title ‘stinging nettles’. Grabbing them to pretend they’re a gun is never going to be a good idea. And I’m guessing after the tears, screams and demands for somebody to make it better, it’s a lesson that will have been learnt for life. To be frank I don’t think I have known many adults want to make a gun out of stinging nettles but I’m certain Andy won’t be trying it again any time soon. The mud of course is a completely different story. Mud doesn’t hurt, it just makes a glorious mess, all over your shoes and all over the carpets, but that’s boys for you!

I made the mistake of complaining about the weather being cold and wet. I take it all back. It is now definitely too hot. Would you go round wearing a black fur coat in this weather? It was fine for the sheep they had their coats trimmed but what about me? All I can do is pant to cool myself down and to be honest it isn’t working all that well. I can’t decide where to lie to keep cool. It was so much easier living in a house with stone floors. Whatever else happened the floor stayed cool, except the bit that was above the hot water pipes, that didn’t stay quite so cool. I don’t want to lie on carpet. I certainly don’t want to lie on my blanket or a duvet. I’ve even considered going to have a cold shower. I say considered but I suppose to be fair I didn’t get further than recognising it was an option before I dismissed the idea!

If it is warm later there is a risk of my being slower to misbehave in dog training. Slower but of course not absolutely stopped. Besides Granny is coming to watch me tonight so I dare say I shall show off just a tiny bit.