Sunday 8th June 2008

You can’t fault the logic of a small child. There was Andy sat eating his breakfast in his pyjamas holding his ‘blankie’, when his nose began to run. He’s six, he did what came naturally. He wiped it on his blanket. His 12 year old brother said ‘Don’t blow your nose on your blanket.’ To which Andy replied ‘Well I haven’t got anything else to blow it on.’ You can’t fault the logic but as I know from the times I accidentally sneeze all over my Mistress’s feet, I’m supposed to use a tissue.

I am concerned to find that one of the ducks in the village is limping. I tried to go over to ask if he was all right. I really was only concerned about his welfare, however I didn’t get close enough o ask before he flew off into the sunset. I won’t be quite so considerate next time.

It gets harder and harder to use the computer. Because my Mistress has finger nails, they have scratched all the letters off the keys as she types. Oh it’s all well and good for her, she knows which key is which and can hit the right one without looking. I have to look at every key, which is easier said than done when the E, A, S, D, C, V, N and M don’t have any letters on them. It’s still all right to type words like ‘quiz’ and ‘thorough’ but you try typing ‘demand’ and it takes for ever. Anyway she bought this cool permanent white pen, to write the letters back onto the keys. She carefully wrote them all back so that I could work out what was what. Then she used the computer again and her nails scratched that off as well.