Tuesday 10th June 2008

Granny didn’t come to watch me at dog training but Grandpa did. I was disappointed but I suppose if I had my arm in plaster I wouldn’t want to carry it around any further than necessary. My Mistress says my behaviour is improving but I suspect she may be being nice to me. I wasn’t a good dog last night. Even I know that I got a little overexcited. I don’t know why, but I see a golden retriever and I just want to go and play. To be fair I see a Labrador and want to play, I see a collie and I want to play, I see a mongrel and I want to play. I see a theme developing here! There’s one border collie that seems to look down on my antics. It just makes me the more determined to get her into trouble. I grinned from ear to ear when she started chewing her lead and got told off by her owner. No one likes a good four shoes, particularly not the unruly joker of the pack. I suppose I ought to maintain a reasonable standard of behaviour, I so love going to training classes it would be a shame to be expelled.

I’ve got a new cousin. Jack has joined the family. He’s part German Shepherd and part Collie I think. Despite the fact that he’s already ten years old, he is apparently more energetic than I am. And your point is? I make an artform out of being lazy. I’m waited on hand and paw and live a life of comfort and leisure. Why would I want to be energetic? I am hoping that this is going to mean that despite his age he will want to play with me when I meet him. I suppose I might have to defer to him on the grounds of age and let him win. Then again no, why would I do that?