Saturday 7th June 2008

I’m in love. I spent all yesterday afternoon alternating between flirting with a lady Entlebucher and playing with her beautiful Australian Shepherd companion. I had the most wonderful time. They were both so pretty. I can’t believe that the markings of an Australian Shepherd are so like mine. It made me think they must be related in some way. She even had the little brown spots above her eyes that I’ve always thought look rather nice. I know I’m vain, but when you’re as good looking as this you may as well be honest about it. I’m already badgering my Mistress to see when I can go to see them again. Their owner said I could go and stay with them sometime. Can you imagine that, being able to stay with another Entlebucher?

I don’t know whether any of the agents that I sent my book to have had chance to read it yet. I haven’t actually heard back from any of them just yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I am being called up to do my own book signings. The biggest problem I find in signing with a paw print is that once you’ve dipped your paw in the ink you leave signatures everywhere you walk for quite some time. People could take advantage. They could leave a sheet of blank paper somewhere between me and the door to the shop and I would have signed it on my way out. They could type anything above my signature. People could take advantage of me. I might find I’d signed a will giving all my bones to a Jack Russell and what could be worse than that? It isn’t as though I’m completely clear as to what paw to use to sign. Should it be one of my front ones or should I use the one that I pick up when I pee, I’m reasonably good at standing on the other three and leaving that one in the air. I’d be all right until I forgot what I was supposed to be doing and peed on their book rather than signed it. Even then if it was a book being bought by a dog, they would at least recognise the signature if I peed it.