Friday 6th June 2008

After discussing the American elections yesterday, it has kindly been pointed out to me that Hillary spells her name with two ‘l’s. All I can say is that I got a lot closer to spelling her name right than I would have done to the one that actually won!

I’m pleased to say that after the washout when I was supposed to go to see the other Entlebucher and his antipodean house mate, I am now supposed to be going this afternoon. I asked my Mistress if it was sunny could I wear her hat with the corks dangling from it, but unfortunately it seems to have been thrown away in the house move and she said it wasn’t fair to make fun of another dog because of his nationality. It set me thinking about Matilda the cat that used to be my neighbour in Belgium and remembering that all in all she wasn’t too bad for a cat and an Aussie at that.

I’m pleased to say that the latest batch of oatcakes that my Mistress has baked is definitely the best batch yet. There have been two factors that appear to have made all the difference. The first is to use 3 rather than 2 desert spoons of whisky. The second is probably the more important and that is to remember that you’ve put them in the oven so that they don’t become hard, burnt and inedible. I wonder exactly how many batches my Mistress will need to make before she completely perfects the recipe or is too fat to fit into her clothes, whichever is the sooner. As long as she doesn’t start trying to cook them using ‘low sugar’ marmalade, or for that matter sugar free ‘sugar’. It would be as pointless as ‘reduced sugar Frosties’, caffeine free coffee and other brainless inventions.