Monday 2nd June 2008

It was all very well deciding to go to the neighbouring village’s ‘open gardens’ yesterday but it happened to coincide with God planning an ‘open heavens’. As I sniffed my Mistress’s sodden duffle coat I said ‘I could have gone down the garden and enjoyed the smell of wet sheep’ although in fairness now he’s had his coat shorn Reggie probably didn’t’ smell as bad as my Mistress. You would think that was enough excitement for her for one day, but no, she spent the afternoon and evening working behind the bar in the village pub. This is the more unusual when you realise it’s the first time in her life she’s served behind a bar and to be honest knows about as much about that as I know about stamp collecting. On the whole she restricted herself to mixing cocktails and in her defence she’s been doing that at home for years, so maybe it wasn’t quite as odd as it seems. Sadly I wasn’t invited to the cocktail party. It wasn’t so much the drinks I was hankering after as the bar b q. I do a good line in hovering up all the food that gets dropped.

What am I thinking? I almost forgot to mention a very exciting phone call from Switzerland yesterday.  A lovely lady rang to say she may well be able to help us with getting another Entlebucher puppy, this is as well as my sister coming to live with us. The lady is happy to look after a puppy until it is old enough to travel to England, so it looks as though I shall have to pack my suitcase to go on a trip to Switzerland soon to choose a puppy. I presume my Mistress won’t go without me, but then I’ve been wrong on that before.