Sunday 1st June 2008

Granny is still in hospital but hoping to go home today. It meant that I didn’t actually see her yesterday so I was a bit disappointed. It’s always the same when you’re a dog, you build your hopes up and expect to be included and then at the last minute it’s ‘Bye Alfie, be a good dog and we’ll see you later.’ No one thinks to say ‘sorry Alfie we really hoped you could come too but they don’t let dogs in’. I’m just saying it would be nice to be made to feel that the humans around me are as disappointed as I am when I have to be left out.

It was worrying when I got home last night. I went out to see what sort of day Reggie, Polly and Bella (the sheep) had been having in my absence and there they were – gone! No sheep. Rather alarmingly their gate was open but I’m guessing if they had escaped then they wouldn’t have taken the time and trouble to tie the gate back properly. I can only think they have gone for a haircut, Reggie was complaining that his fleece was getting a bit on the long side and said if the weather started to warm up again he was going to find it quite unbearable. I hope I recognise them when they get back. It would be a shame to get their names the wrong way round just because they looked different, although Reggie is the only one with horns and the girls are completely different colours to each other so it shouldn’t be too hard. You do suppose they are the same colour underneath the wool as they are on top don’t you? It would make it much easier for the sheep if they could just learn to ‘shed’ in the way that we dogs do.