Thursday 29th May 2008

Another day, another batch of biscuit baking, this time with a little more success than the first batch. Today my Mistress mixed the oat base with marmalade and Cointreau in quite large quantities. I’m not sure they should be called oatcakes as I don’t think oats are the main ingredient any more. On balance there is more marmalade than Cointreau but I’m not absolutely certain about that!

We have spent quite a long time trying to find out who to contact to bring some more Entlebucher puppies to England. It really isn’t very easy when you are trying to read websites in lots of different languages. Then I had the problem of writing emails that were easy to understand and which said what we needed to say. It’s all very well but faced with people who want your puppies who speak the same language and are just down the road and people who want your best puppies who are in another country and don’t speak the same language, which would you choose? I was starting to get very disheartened but my Mistress reminded me that we aren’t quitters and that out there somewhere are some puppies just waiting to come and be my companions. I tried using the word ‘harem’ but my Mistress pointed out that one of them would be a boy. I was worn out by the time we’d finished, so went to curl up on her bed. I got a bit of a shock when I found that Andy had got there before me and was already fast asleep under the covers. I decided not to disturb him so went back to my basket downstairs instead. It would be nice to have a little girl dog to share my basket with. I promise I’d take very good care of her.