Wednesday 28th May 2008

So much I haven’t told you. My maternal grandmother is in hospital having tripped over and broken her elbow. She’s got to have an operation on it and a pin put in. She isn’t poorly but she can’t go home from hospital because she would loose her place in the queue. We’ve all offered to do stints of staying there for her to hold her place while she goes home and does something interesting. Do you think they’d notice when they came to check my blood pressure that I was in fact not my maternal grandmother but a dog? I could pretend I was acting out Little Red Riding Hood and tell the nurse she needed to comment on the size of my teeth. I know you can’t read this in hospital granny but please get well soon and my Mistress will bring me to see you in a few days when you’re home. She has been thinking of getting me trained as an authorised P.A.T dog so that I can go into hospitals to help but unfortunately we haven’t done it yet and I don’t think I could get certified quickly enough to convince them to let me in.

Quite apart from that, when I got back from the weekend I had not one but two separate emails from my family. My sister Esther had written to say that all went well on the date that Mum went on and that we’ll know just how well it went in a few weeks. I know I don’t like the thought of her dating other dogs but it would be nice to have some more brothers and sisters and maybe one to come and live with me. I would be so proud to introduce people to ‘my sister’. Anyway, I also had an email from my Dad in Switzerland. I’ve never heard from him before. It was lovely he sent me his photo and I really do look quite like him. It made me feel very proud.