Monday 26th May 2008

Whose bright idea was it to go on a boat? I know I’ve got to get used to it before we all go on holiday but is there really any need to get used to it in advance? I don’t need to spend too much of my time surrounded by wet stuff and after the bath I had a week ago, that’s quite enough for me for a few months. It’s funny, no one thinks it’s a good idea to make cats go on water. Misskin and Bertie can stay at home and relax. I offered to stay and keep them company but my presence wasn’t appreciated. I shall just remember that when they actually want me for something. Of course being a dog, if they did ever want me for something I would be so thrilled that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from showing excitement. I really must ask them if they can teach me to do that ‘aloof’ thing that cats seem to do naturally.

We need to squeeze back into the car to go home later. I asked if we could call in to see my other grandparents on the way past but not everyone was as keen as I was and my Mistress said they may have gone out anyway and reassured me that they are coming to see me soon. In the end I settled down into my corner of the boot and muttered to myself every few miles that it really wouldn’t have been very far out of everyone’s way to go to their house.

I found myself reminiscing about how I felt when it came to time to go home in Belgium. I used to wonder what the moles had been up to while I was away. Now I think I should have been grateful that I was dealing with such small creatures. Reggie is the size of lots of moles put together and with those horns I won’t be the one to argue with him if he has taken over in my absence.