Sunday 25th May 2008

It’s certainly odd sleeping in a garage knowing there is a cat immediately the other side of the door. Two cats if I’m being precise. I tried talking to them for a while but they weren’t having any of it and just kept calling back to me “Will you just go to sleep.” It was all very well for them, they’d got each other, but I was stuck there all on my own in a strange place. I just wanted some reassurance and someone to talk to, even if it was a cat.

We had the usual battle over who was going to sit next to me in the car on the way down here. It is funny how popular a dog can become as a means of distraction on a long car journey. From the dog’s perspective, the last thing he wants to be used as is a distraction between a 6 year old boy and a 12 year old boy. You just know that sooner or later things are going to go wrong and if you are the one in the middle they are going to go wrong all over you! My Mistress gets very protective in these situations but there is not a lot she can do about it as she would be ill if she travelled in the back. I offered to sit on her knee in the front but I’m too heavy for that. When there were going to be two dogs travelling together we were going to have baskets in the boot but that’s easier said than done with a whole pile of luggage. To be fair, half the luggage does appear to be mine! I’m not quite as good at travelling light as everyone else, but then I have to take my own bed and food so I suppose it is to be expected.