Thursday 22nd May 2008

The birthday girl at the front

Reggie and I have moved to sniffing each other through the fence. To be honest I’m happier nose to nose with either Polly or Bella as they don’t have horns. I’ve wagged my tail a lot to let them all know that I want to be friends and I think they are getting the message. I don’t have many of my own friends round here and I’m not racist. I’m more than happy to be friends with sheep. They aren’t as keen on tug or fetch as other dogs but I’m willing to sit and chat too.

I spent most of yesterday helping with the removals from our old house. It was odd sitting in the garden hearing the noise of packing going on outside. It wasn’t even as though I was allowed to run round the garden. This garden has been out of bounds since the cat pooh incident! Mind you, my Mistress sat with me for some of the time on a black bin liner so she didn’t get wet from the grass. I sat next to her to begin with, but the plastic rustling round me when the wind blew was really annoying, so I got off and stood on the grass. I was probably the one with the right idea. At least I wasn’t the one with insects crawling up my trouser leg and down the back of my trousers. We’d never really spent enough time in the house to become attached to it. My Mistress asked what it was I would remember about it when I looked back and to be honest apart from the cat pooh, I found it hard to think of anything. She said for her it will just be the fact that it was light, but then being outdoors is light too.