Wednesday 21st May 2008

Humans could learn so much from dogs. If we need a new kennel all we have to do is go to the pet shop and buy one. If it isn’t in the right place we just get someone to pick to up and move it. If it gets worn out we either repair it or get a new one and put the old one on the bonfire. Have you ever seen a kennel with a for sale board outside? Do we have problems anxiously waiting for exchange of contracts on our old kennel? Do we fill it with a load of furniture and other detritus from everyday life? Please don’t interrupt me to point out that I don’t live in a kennel, I’m speaking metaphorically. The main point I was making, not very well, was that humans do make the whole house buying and selling process ridiculously complicated. We have at last exchanged contracts on the house we are selling and hand it over on Friday. However, until we exchanged contracts yesterday, there was nothing to stop the people buying our house from changing their mind. It means we had to take all the risk and from a dog’s point of view that doesn’t seem very fair. (I really hope I don’t ever have to live in a kennel as I rather like my spot on the duvet above my Mistress’s feet and I can’t imagine her being willing to move into the kennel with me!)

Reggie and I have been sizing each other up. I stared at him through the fence yesterday and he didn’t move away. This time he looked me straight in the eye and started to move towards me. He has horns. I don’t. This has not escaped my notice. It seems an unfair contest when one of you approaches everything armed and the other one is unilaterally lacking in weapons.