Friday 23rd May 2008

That was something I wasn’t expecting. I went out into the garden, focussing on where exactly Reggie, Bella and Polly were when I almost fell over the two ducks that were sitting on the lawn. What a pleasant surprise. It’s a bit like a serial killer having his victims come and ring the doorbell to volunteer. Of course, it was also like those victims running away having rung the bell as the ducks still managed to take off before I could get to them. I do still live in hope that I will eventually get hold of at least a tail feather. My Mistress has promised that we can go to sit on the seat, on the village green, by the pond one warm afternoon. She plans to read a book or write, I plan to fantasise about catching the ducks. I have to be careful down there though as I am outnumbered to such a degree that I can’t risk trying to catch them. The plan is only likely to take place if the weather warms up a bit.

Now that all the things from the other house have gone into storage, my Mistress keeps thinking of things that would have been useful to keep out. ‘It’s a bit late now’, I point out, but get no credit for pointing out the obvious. Now she needs to decide whether she can make do without those things for the next six months, or whether she is going to buy duplicates of things she hasn’t got. Buying additional garden tools would seem more worthwhile if they did very much gardening! To trim the hedge I still say that the best option is to invite Reggie round. He’s a dab hand, paw, hoof, whatever you call it on a sheep, at standing on his back legs so he can reach higher up the sides of the hedge!