Sunday 18th May 2008

I heard from my sister about her date with a dog. Unfortunately it didn’t go according to plan so she won’t be having any puppies just yet. I was quite shocked when she told me our Mum is off to meet another dog this week. “What would Dad say?” was my immediate reaction but then I guess he hasn’t been around for any of our upbringing so I don’t suppose he has any right to say anything. I’d just got my head around the fact that I might be having one of my nieces coming to live with us and now I need to start thinking in terms of a sister. Either way it would be pretty cool.

I have been forced to have a bath. Always when I get to the just smelly enough level the same thing happens. When will humans understand that we dogs do not want to smell all clean? Although to be fair this new baby shampoo I’m trying really does smell quite nice and it leaves my coat so silky and fluffy. Even I can tell the difference and then when my Mistress comes along and just wants to bury her face in my fur, who am I to complain? The oddest thing happened when I came out of the bath. Because of the concern to make sure I am completely dry and don’t get eczema again, my Mistress turned the hairdryer on me. It seems a little unfair when she doesn’t even use it on herself but it wasn’t too bad. She had it on the warm setting and she stroked me a lot while she did it. I looked so fluffy by the end. I wasn’t awfully keen on it and I was a bit clingy for a while afterwards. Then I saw the irony of being clingy to the person who had directed a machine blowing hot air at me and I went off and did my own thing instead.