Monday 19th May 2008

Just as I was starting to think that the sheep had delayed their visit, there I was yesterday afternoon relaxing after my tea when I heard lots of baaing coming from a trailer next to the field behind out house. I think they were saying they had had a terrible journey and that one of them was standing on another ones foot. To be honest when they were unloaded, the grass was so long that you couldn’t really see they were there. There were just these baaing noises coming form the jungle of grass. It’s funny to think they’ll have that cut in a matter of weeks and it won’t make them ill. If I eat grass it makes me sick. In fact sometimes I eat it deliberately to make myself sick, when I’ve tried out some less than savoury snack.

Alarmingly Reggie, Polly and Bella, as the sheep are called, like biscuits. James has been sneaking out to see them with biscuits and despite my protests he doesn’t seem nearly so keen to share it with me. I went out to introduce myself as you do, but I may have done it a little too loudly as they have retreated to the other end of the field and are munching as far from me as possible. I was only trying to invite them round to our house to cut all the difficult bits you can’t get to with a mower.

Watching the sheep was quite a good way to unwind after spending the day dismantling furniture at our old house. Do you think it shows how little time we’ve lived in the countryside that we are all so excited about the arrival of three sheep? I wish our Bella was here to see them too. I think they are probably tame enough for her to have coped with. Oh well.