Saturday 17th May 2008

How exciting is this weekend going to be? I don’t know exactly when but at some point the sheep are moving into the field behind our house. I have never had the chance to observe sheep in close quarters before so I’m hoping they will answer a few questions for me. I may struggle on the old woof to baa translation but on the whole I find animals are so much better at communicating across the species divides than humans are between themselves.

It feels all wrong to be excited if I’m being completely honest. My cousin Dudley, a border collie on my Mistress’s side of the family, is seriously ill. He is quite a lot older than I am and has never been keen to play with me, but I rather admire him from a distance. I hope he will be ok.

I was thinking about Bella earlier today and wishing she was here. She would have liked the sheep moving in I’m sure. At the moment there are lots of nice people in Belgium, Germany, Norway and Switzerland trying to help us find some Entlebucher puppies to bring to this country. I must send my sister an email to see how she got on when she went to meet Arraz the other day. I hope it wasn’t too traumatic for her. I hope he was nice to her. If I were a braver dog I’d say something like ‘he’d have me to contend with if he didn’t treat her well’ but if I am being honest my sister Esther is a darn sight more scary than will ever be, so I guess she can stick up for herself.

I’m counting the days off to seeing both lots of my grandparents. I’m off to see my human paternal grandparents next weekend and then my maternal ones are coming to stay in a couple of weeks. All being well I shall be spoilt rotten.