Friday 16th May 2008

Me and Berry

My white fur isn’t quite as white as it’s supposed to be, at least not the bit on my nose anyway. It is my own fault, but never the less I am still a little annoyed that I can’t reach it with my tongue. I do my best to keep my fur clean but in this instance I have an ulterior motive. It’s what is in the fur that I want to lick. My Mistress cooked a nice joint of meat and then when she had carved some off it, she left it on the side to cool before putting it away. There is nothing quite like the taste of meat juices, except possibly to have pinched the joint itself but that may have been going a bit far. The juices began to drip down the side of the work surface, so I positioned myself underneath with my mouth open to catch them. I got most of them and gave the cupboard door a good lick but sadly some of the juice ran all over my nose. I did look a bit of a sight. I had a look at myself in the hall mirror after my mistress has pointed it out. If she had been a dog she would have licked my fur clean for me. However, being a human she went to get a flannel and put cold water on it. What a way to spoil my fun. She rubbed as hard as I would let her but I wouldn’t stand still long enough for her to get it completely clean. I like my cold wet nose to be self generated not inflicted with a flannel! I really can testify that the butcher up the road does a very nice line in pork crackling joints. Very tasty indeed.