Thursday 15th May 2008

I’m a little put out that my powers of observation are not what they were. The field of ‘grass’ at the top of the lane we walk along as morphed into odd shaped hairy ends that my Mistress says is wheat. I feel as though I should have known that. I’m starting to understand why the rural areas are often very conservative in their outlook. There is something about the slow, sleepy, idyll that is life in the middle of nowhere that makes the status quo seem positively racy. When you combine it with long summer evenings who wouldn’t decide that being lazy is by far the best option? I contemplated this as I lay sprawled out in the sunshine with one ear half cocked in case something other than a bird singing were to occur. Of course there are times that people can take ‘laissez faire’ too far. My owners went to look at a house that is for sale that once had the toilet block for the lands previous use, in the garden. When I say once had, that is a bit of an exaggeration, still had would be more accurate. Oh the walls had gone but the foundations and the base of the porcelain made up the house’s patio! Is this place really so tranquil that you can live somewhere and not feel the need to have a more aesthetically pleasing patio? I know I’ve been campaigning for a toilet for me, but I had in mind a whole one that I could use when it rained. With a roof!

James wanted to go to the pub last night. I thought that sounded like a good idea but then we had a bit of a disagreement when James said that meant we couldn’t be inside and therefore couldn’t be sociable. I needn’t have bothered arguing. I should just have remembered how much more my Mistress enjoys my company than being sociable to realise that I would be going.