Sunday 27th April 2008

Today was a ‘normal’ day, except that nothing feels quite normal anymore. I was doing ok until my Mistress brought Bella’s rug out of the car and put it in the hall with some other bits. Well it just brought it all back. The rug smelt of Bella and I just wanted her to be there too. We had a bit of a cuddle, my Mistress and me, and she said she knew how I felt. I think she meant it too; last night my Mistress had a phone call to say she had come fourth in a writing competition and instead of bouncing round the room she barely raised a smile. I wonder when days will feel properly normal again.

The family had already arranged to go and do some house viewings today. No one really felt like it and consequently everyone ended up arguing. I don’t think it helped that my Mistress was only concerned about what I would need. The first one had no garden and no gate and she said it was therefore unsuitable. The second one was next to a main road and even though ‘main’ is a relative term in a village, my Mistress was concerned it might be dangerous and besides it wasn’t as good for my walks. The third one would be fine for me but the house probably wasn’t right. I promised her that I would be fine whatever she decided but it’s nice that she thinks I’m so important. The rest of the family were thoroughly fed up with her when they got back, so I helped her cut the grass and took her for a lovely long walk. I think at the moment she needs some time just her and me, although I am not sure everyone else can understand that.