Monday 28th April 2008


Yesterday was set aside to do some packing of our old house, our old English house, rather than our old Belgian house. We were just about to go out when Hector came round from next door to see if I would like to go out to play. My Mistress was beside herself, after what happened to Bella, seeing Hector out on his own made her very worried. Fortunately having dug his way out he simply came to our front door, so came to no harm. He was attached to the end of one of my old leads and walked home. Although they live next door to us it is a long way to his front door as it is the back of their house that meets the front of ours, so he front door is on another road. Then when we got up to the old house the front door was left open and I wandered out to see what was going on. My poor Mistress went spare. My Master said we were never having any more dogs and my Mistress said she would rather have dogs than people. I kept a low profile after that, it seemed the best thing to do. I wasn’t even allowed in the back garden after the cat pooh eating incident made me ill. Coming home was fun as we brought my little two-seater soft top car back, after we’d jump started it to overcome the flat battery. We hadn’t used it for a few months so it was nice to check it was ok. All was going well until the thunder storm started. Being out in that little car in a thunder storm is barely better than being out in the open and the storm was overhead at one point. We were happy to get home again. I said I was fine but my Mistress was very concerned about me and gave me an extra cuddle. I wonder if I should have made more of it and said I was scared.