Tuesday 22nd April 2008

Wilma's bone

Well I wrote yesterday’s diary entry when I got back on Sunday, presuming that was the end of the day’s excitement. Who was I kidding? My Mistress had had a pain in by her rib cage since last Thursday and helpfully the boys amongst us suggested it was probably trapped wind and that she needed a good walk. I think she will be a little less keen to take out advice in future. The exercise she had yesterday giving us several walks to help settle Bella didn’t do her ‘torn muscles’ any good at all and she was carted off to hospital in an ambulance with severe pain in her chest. It ended up being a bit of a long night, pacing up and down waiting for news. The very nice ambulance people had told us the basic tests were clear but you still worry. There she was going off saying to my Master “Please remember to look after the dogs.” I felt quite proud to be the most important thing she had to think about right then. It was 2.15am by the time she came home but I was there on the front door mat waiting for her. Bella would have waited up too but she had to go to bed when James did. Now we just have the problem that she is a little bit immobile and not able to take me for a walk. On the plus side it meant I had to skip dog training last night, I had been looking forward to going with Bella but she had already been excused with being on heat. My Mistress said it would have been too much for all the dogs to cope with. I was expecting to find a queue of dogs outside our front door, but fortunately that didn’t happen. It has also meant Bella’s trip to the vet has been postponed until today. Whether my Mistress should really be doing things today I don’t know, I strongly suspect she shouldn’t but then when does she ever listen to the advice I give? Except of course the advice that got her into this mess in the first place!